Maury Memorial Gardens : Columbia, Tennessee
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Purchase and Approval of Memorials/Monuments
Memorials/Monuments may be purchased pre-need or at-need, and with proper authorization, will be installed by Maury Memorial Gardens personnel or its designates. Once a memorial or monument has been placed, it cannot be removed except to correct, repair, or refinished, and is subject to prior approval by Maury Memorial Gardens. Approved benches will be allowed in the cemetery, however placing and positioning will be determined by cemetery management. Temporary markers will remain on the burial site for no more than 30 days from the date of interment, unless prior written approval has been received from the management of Maury Memorial Gardens.

Size and Dimensions of Memorials
Infant memorials may be no smaller 10" x 10" on a 14" x 14" granite base. Individual memorials may be no smaller than 24 x 12" on a 28" x 16" granite base; a companion memorial may be no smaller than 36" x 13" on a 40" x 17" granite base.

Installation Requirements and Memorial Care
All memorials/monuments shall be installed by cemetery personnel or its designates. Installation and Memorial Care will be computed at a cost of $.50 per square inch of total ground covered, or as posted in the cemetery office, and must be paid in full before installation will be completed. These charges may be changed annually per the consumer price index. Unauthorized installation will result in the cemetery's right to enter upon the interment space and remove any unauthorized object. No memorial or monument is to be installed until full payment is received.

Spacing of Memorials
All memorial/monuments are to be set in uniform straight lines per the plan of the cemetery. Only one memorial per grave space. Companion memorials will be permitted which my embrace two grave spaces. Separate vase units are not allowed.

Flowers and Other Items
Artificial flowers in approved vases will be allowed year round, and live and dried flowers are allowed and encouraged, however, when in the opinion of Maury Memorial Gardens, any flowers that become dirty, faded, or unsightly, these arrangements will be removed by cemetery personnel. The cemetery will not be responsible to theft or vandalism of flowers placed on a grave site.

Birdhouses and wind chimes are not allowed on individual gravesites. The cemetery management reserves the right to have birdhouses and wind chimes placed throughout the grounds in direct relation to the master design of the cemetery.

None of the following list is allowed: glass, ceramic, plastic, rocks, pottery, metal, trinkets, knick-knacks, statues. The foregoing list is a sample of items not allowed. Additional exclusions may be incorporated within the internal rules and policies of the cemetery.

Flag Regulations
An official flag of the United States of America is permitted to be placed on a burial space one week before and one week after Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day. No flag is to exceed 12" x 12" and mounted on a shaft not to exceed 24". The displaying of any other flag or banner is prohibited at all times.

Burial Flowers
Flowers placed on a grave space at the time of burial will be removed by cemetery personnel four (4) days following the interment, entombment, or inurnment.

Ornaments/Decoration in Mausoleum/Columbarium
No photographs, wreaths, souvenirs, flags, or any other unapproved emblems may be placed on the mausoleum or columbarium. Placing of unauthorized landscaping, plants, gravel, stones, balloons, glass containers, toys, sculptures, etc., on or in any space or mausoleum/columbarium is prohibited. Memorabilia being placed in the glass front columbarium must be approved by the management of Maury Memorial Gardens. No offensive memorabilia will be allowed on or in a mausoleum or columbarium.

Only the owners of interment rights and their relatives shall be permitted on burial spaces within the cemetery. Other unauthorized personnel will be considered trespassers, and the company shall owe no duty to trespassers to keep the property, memorials/monuments thereon in a reasonably safe condition.

No persons will be permitted to have refreshments or picnics within the cemetery, and throwing of rubbish or trash on any part of the cemetery is prohibited.

Loud Talking
Loud talking is not permitted on cemetery grounds within hearing distance of any funeral service.


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