Maury Memorial Gardens : Columbia, Tennessee
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Everyone deserves a permanent, protected, respectful place to rest. At Maury Memorial Gardens, you can have the type of funeral service you want, followed by cremation of your loved one. Then we offer the placement of the cremated remains in a grave in one of our gardens or in a cremation niche in the Mausoleum.

The placement of your loved one in the ground or in a niche give families a place to visit; a place with the name permanently recorded as a memorial. It is a place where families can remember their loved one in a way that may not happen in everyday life. This allows the grieving process to take place in a sacred, respectful environment. It also lets you create a permanent memorial - a plaque, a bench, or even a sculpture -where loved ones can come to pay their respects. Some talk about scattering cremated remains in the ocean, a park or other place. At that point there is not a permanent memorial to the loved one.

Why do you need a cemetery if you’re being cremated?

If you scatter a loved one’s ashes on a favorite beach or park, what happens when someone builds a structure on top of them?

If you keep an urn on a shelf, will your children – or grandchildren – want it around?

Burying a cremated body in your back yard is fine until you move or sell the house.

How many times have you gone to a cemetery to visit the resting place of a loved one or placed flowers there?

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