Maury Memorial Gardens : Columbia, Tennessee
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   Many Maury County families are discovering the county’s newest, most beautifully landscaped cemetery and mausoleum, Maury Memorial Gardens. The cemetery includes 14 burial gardens, each of which has it’s own feature area. Families have the choice of upright granite monuments or flat bronze markers or even above ground private family estate mausoleums.

  We are proud of our beautiful climate controlled Community Chapel Mausoleum where there are single and double spaces available both indoors and outdoors. Cremation Niches are available both inside and outside with the niches in the chapel having glass fronts which gives families the opportunity to personalize them with beautiful cremation urns and other items which are meaningful to a loved one and family.

  Many families are discovering that the mausoleum is a dignified and comfortable alternative to in-ground burial. The mausoleum can be much easier for visiting the space of a loved one, with much less concern about the weather and location of the space. Many are even surprised that spaces in the mausoleum can be less expensive than average ground burial.

  The feature area in the front of the mausoleum is uniquely designed with a beautiful stone waterfall surrounded by a seating area and features the American Flag in the center.

Every aspect of Maury Memorial Gardens was designed as a serene setting and a place families can be proud of for the final resting place of your loved ones.

For assistance please call 931-840-4875  or email

Maury Memorial Gardens
611 Bear Creek Pike
Columbia, TN  38401

Ph: 931-840-4875