Maury Memorial Gardens : Columbia, Tennessee
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In-Ground burial at Maury Memorial Gardens, is in one of our landscaped burial gardens and refers to full body burial in a casket. This method is traditional for many families. There are several attractive gardens available for your consideration. There are a range of prices for the different gardens with the graves at the top of the hill becoming some of the most desirable for our families because of the scenic view and a higher location.

Generally, graves at the top of a hill with a view are some of the most popular areas at Maury Memorial Gardens. There are gardens in which families can use upright granite monuments and other gardens which use flat bronze markers and some gardens which take either. The best way for families to choose is to drive through the cemetery pick the garden that is most attractive to them.

Some gardens have been designated for families who wish to choose a private family mausoleum. This is a free-standing granite building which can contain 2 to 12 or more spaces for an individual family. This is often considered the most exclusive type of burial. The are many colors of granite and many different styles of architecture. They can have specially designed bronze doors and stained glass windows.

Private Family Mausoleums

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