Maury Memorial Gardens : Columbia, Tennessee
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Mausoleum entombment is becoming more traditional with Middle Tennessee Families. The beautiful Chapel Mausoleum at Maury Memorial Gardens is called a Community Mausoleum. It is a dignified and respectful alternative to in-ground burial. Many people assume that the Mausoleum is always more expensive than in-ground burial, but are surprised and pleased to discover that it can be less expensive.

The Mausoleum offers clean, dry, ventilated chambers for above ground entombment Entombment is a tradition that spans history. Even in Biblical times and before, entombment has been a common practice. Jesus was placed in a tomb.

Many families are finding that Mausoleum entombment makes sense for their loved ones final disposition. Each crypt is a clean dry ventilated chamber which allows the space itself to stay clean and dry. Many people who may have never been completely comfortable with being in the ground have found that the Mausoleum is a good alternative. There are indoor mausoleum spaces and outdoor mausoleum spaces with six different levels.

Visitation is generally easier than visiting a grave. The weather is not as much as a factor. Mausoleum spaces can be visited even in bad weather.